Tender Loving Curls by Tam

Tender Loving Curls By Tam is a black owned hair care company that promotes growth and healthy shiny hair! 

Fun Fact: All of their products are homemade and completely natural! That meas no parabens, isopropyl alcohol, formaldehyde, harsh-chemicals, fragrances (besides essential oils), or dyes! Check out their site below and have a look!

  • Angela's Kiss of Shea 

    Angela's Kiss of Shea is an all natural hair care line, that was created for all women. One of the owner's reasons for creating the company was to provide women with an affordable way for them to take care of their hair using natural products.

    Fun Fact: Angela's Kiss of Shea provides a FULL ingredient list of EACH product on their site, so you know exactly what you're using! Click the link below to take a look!

    Poppin Unicorns LLC

    Christopher Marie Hair Care specializes in products that include natural ingredients, are versatile and multi-use, kid-friendly and suitable for ALL hair types and textures. Fun fact: They include a FREE Natural Peach Wood Comb with every purchase! Click the link below to see for yourself!

    Website: Find them on Facebook under Poppin Unicorns LLC

  • Naturally United Curls

    Naturally United Curls is a company that is dedicated to helping you find the right knockout combination towards healthy balanced hair. No matter your texture, density or porosity, they have what you need! 

    Fun Fact: Naturally United Curls provides you with products that are safe for the whole family! Click the link below to check them out!

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