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    This month, our featured box is all about mixing things up! With this mailer, you'll have the chance to CHOOSE YOUR PRODUCTS! That's right ! You'll be able to hand pick 4 products that have previously been included in the Crowne Life Hair Care mailers! These are products that have been featured in all of our past mailers (Including our very popular "Hair Growth" & "Smells Good Enough to Eat" mailers !) Click here to get started !


    Tender Loving Curls By Tam

    Naturally United Curls

    Poppin' Unicorns LLC 

    Angela's Kiss of Shea

    DNH Haircare

    Luxury by K

    Poppin Unicorns LLC

    Napturally Queen Haircare

    Buttagrow Hair Care 

    Fancy's Hair Innovation 

    Pink Roots Products 

    Christopher Marie Hair Care

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    Each month, subscribers get a mailer that includes 5 sample/full-sized hair care products and a complimentary gift! The type of samples you’ll receive will  range from shampoos/conditioners to edge control and wax sticks!

    Crowne Life Hair Care Mailer


    This mailer also comes with 4 sample/ full-sized products and a complimentary gift! This is still a great option for those of you who’d just like to try the mailer out for the first time, or don’t feel the need to have your own personalized mailer EVERY month. 

    To provide a money saving option for hair care, while simultaneously promoting and pushing for more recognition for the black owned companies in hair care.

    - Caira Webb, Owner/Founder

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